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By using the logo maker, the rendered logo file and/or parts of the design elements provided under prohemium.com/tools/logo, you hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify PROHEMIUM and/or it's content authors from/against any and all claims and actions arising out of the use of the graphical elements provided in the logo maker and the web page/s, partially and/or totally, including, without limitation, expenses, suits, losses and liabilities, costs, fines, settlements, judgements and amounts.

The copyright to all of the design elements that are part of the logo maker belong to the creator of the individual design elements. In its current form, the logo maker only utilizes internal design element sources. The author of the design elements can be contacted here. At the time of creation, none of the graphic elements intentionally represented other brand logos or designs. Any resemblence is pure coincidence. By using the logo maker, you agree to perform your own due diligence before using any of the generated designs commercially.

Usage Terms

The design elements are free to use for personal and commercial projects. However, since the logo maker allows for a degree of customization by design, you should do your own due diligence on licenses and limiations as well as honouring third party rights to ensure that you are allowed to use any rendered logos before rendering any and all design elements, especially if they could represent existing designs. By using the logo maker, you agree to avoid modeling logos after existing brand logos or designs and refrain from using them if they infringe any third party rights.

Resale of any rendered logos or any design elements, is prohibited.

PROHEMIUM and/or it's content author/s reserve the right to make changes to this license agreement at any time without prior notice. If you are a user of the logo maker, you are encouraged to review this page every now and then since it concerns the legal terms concerning the appropriate usage of our service/s.