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Quick Overview

This license agreement is divided into two sections: The main legal text and a simplified overview for reference. The quick overview acts as part of the license.

Commercial License Info

The freelance bundle features 13 products in total. 7 of those products include a commercial license. That means you can use the content/s in commercial projects. They are:

6x HTML/CSS Website Templates

70+ Business Graphics

Flat Devices Mockup Kit

4 Corporate Audio Tracks + 50% Discount

Social Media Framekwork Kit

60+ Gradient Color Palette

5x Flat Landscape Backgrounds

Note: The corporate audio tracks are subject to the audio license, which can be reviewed here.

Personal License Info

The remaining 6 contents include a personal license. That's because they are informational products and serve an educational purpose. They are:


Project Management Tool

Blogging Cheat Sheet

Efficiency Planner

SEO Cheat Sheet

Keyword Finder Checklist

Note: The code snippets included in the HTML/CSS guide folder are excempt and can be used for commercial projects. The personal license applies to the eBook/checklist files (.PDF format) and the spreadsheet files (.ODF format).

Copyright & Ownership

All of the content included in the Freelance Bundle is non-exclusive and licensed to you under the terms set forth.

The commercial license allows you to use the contents for commercial projects by creating or working them into an end product. The following graphic demonstrates the core features of an end product:


As you can see, when you modify the content/s, especially in combining them with your own content/s, you are able to create a new end product. The copyright to the original content from the Freelance Bundle itself remains with PROHEMIUM and/or it's respective content author/s but you are able to monetize the end product and use it in unlimited commercial projects. There will be no additional fees. You just can't claim ownership of our particular assets. Your own content is not affected.

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License Agreement

This license agreement governs the relationship between PROHEMIUM and/or its respective content authors/copyright owners ("The Licensor") and you ("The Licensee"). By purchasing the Freelance Bundle, you receive a commercial license from us. You agree to be held responsible and bound by the terms and conditions ("License Agreement") outlined in this document which equally apply to the license that you purchase.


There are two primary terms used in this license concerning your permitted usage of our content:

Project: The result when you include, embed and/or synchronize our content with your own.

Content: The Freelance assets provided to you with the commercial license in this bundle.

Non-Exclusive Licensing

By purchasing the Freelance Bundle, PROHEMIUM and/or its respective content authors/copyright owners grant you ("The Licensee") a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to use the freelance assets ("content") in an ongoing manner and in alignment with our terms and conditions outlined in this license agreement. The license becomes effective for you when we receive your payment of the licensing fee in alignment with our rates outlined on our website.

Allowed Usage

The commercial license allows you to synchronize the licensed content in unlimited projects to form new end products. The end product has to incorporate the licensed content along with other elements in order to form a unique project that is different from the initial content. (e.g. You take one of the website templates and modify or customize it for a new project including your own text, color schemes and images.)

Important Notice regarding "Informational Content"

This bundle features several checklists, eBooks, tools and guides. These contents are considered "informational content" and their primary purpose is to educate, help and to provide information to The Licensee. The informational content included in this bundle does not include commercial rights and is for personal use, licensed only to The Licensee. The following assets are considered informational content:

1#: Project Management Tool

2#: HTML/CSS Guide

3#: SEO Cheat Sheet

4#: Keyword Research Blueprint

5#: Blogging Cheat Sheet

6#: Efficiency Planner

License Limitations

In order to protect intellectual rights as well as your right to use the licensed content commercially, there are a few necessary limitations:

Source Files

Any distribution of the "raw" files is strictly forbidden. Raw refering to all source files included directly in your download that you receive after purchase. Modifications, as well as adding our content in a new bundle/package or even re-branding does not remove the legal effect of the license and is equally forbidden.

No Reselling

Reselling, re-branding or otherwise providing the content/s, as part of competing or other types of products regardless of whether they are commercial or free, is prohibited.

Generators & Customization By Design

Due to the difficulty and complexity of intellectual rights in regards to projects that allow customization by design for customers, such as on demand services, or generators, the commercial and personal license in this bundle does not permit usage of the contents for such purposes.

Copyright & Ownership

The copyright of the content/s itself remains with us, even in an end product. Any claims for copyright or ownership of our content/s or any modified work thereof are prohibited. PROHEMIUM and/or its respective content authors/copyright owners of the content/s maintain ownership of said content/s but grant you the non-exclusive commercial license as outlined above under: "Non-Exclusive Licensing". You acknowledge that PROHEMIUM and/or its respective content authors/copyright owners are and continue to be the sole rightful owner of all rights, titles and interests In the content/s, including any and all copyrights of the content/s. The content/s are subject to and protected by German and international copyright laws. As outlined above, our commercial license is non-exclusive and we reserve the right to continue to sell licenses for the content/s to third parties at our own discretion.

Ethical Use

Our content/s shall only be used in lawful projects. Any denigrating, obscene or humilating usage is prohibited. You must of course also have all necessary rights to legally create and distribute the end product to which our content is synchronized.


Provided that parts or individual phrasings of this agreement do not, not anymore or not completly correspond to the prevailing legal norms and/or shall be considered to be invalid or unenforcable by a court or any other legal body with the jurisdiction for such decisions, the rest of this agreement shall still remain effective and valid.